You cannot develop your own style?

How can I develop my own style? How can I find my unique style? 

Questions that I did ask myself and I am sure – actually I know – many others also ask themselves. We search for the answer in books, online, by taking courses or talking with various mentors.

BUT what if that simply wasn’t possible? What if nobody can help us find or develop our own style? 



What if we all already have our own unique style. After all, we are all unique and there is nobody else in this whole world who sees and experiences life exactly like we do, not even our twin if we had one. 

What if our only problem is that all too often we want to please others and thus create something we hope or know they will like (better) or maybe the opposite, that we are so afraid to ‘copy’ someone just because they did something remotely similiar that we don’t even try…?

…and even if our style was similar to someone else’s does that make it any less ours? What if we were born before photographer X, painter Y or writer Z – maybe people would then say that his or her style was similar to ours?Even if we try to copy someone else’s work – and I don’t belive that you ever really can – would it not still be our style because we chose to copy exactly that work and nothing else?

So what if we just do what we love no matter what others say and without expecting anything (which does not mean that we cannot be really happy when we get some positive feedback 😉 ) – is that not our style? 

What do you think?

It is there…inside you 😉


  1. John on December 8, 2018 at 22:20

    🙂 I cannot really add anything to what you have already expressed :-)!
    Once the practical skills are learnt…for whatever medium we wish to express with…then we have the ability to express from deep within ourselves and should not be in anyway concerned about pleasing others…trying to mimic others…why would we want to do either of these things? Surely our art is something that should feel natural…feel like us…like you say…express our ‘own’ uniqueness.
    Express our own way of seeing things…feeling things.
    I feel others can somehow feel and see when someone creates from their heart…something from deep inside of themselves and appreciate that.
    There is something wonderful about seeing the depth of expression from someone who is not afraid to be themselves through their art and who then share that with us.
    A wonderful article Isabel.

    • Isabel on December 10, 2018 at 09:36

      Thank you so much for sharing yourthoughts. I mainly agree but I think that trying to mimic others does not necessarily mean that it does not come from the heart…if that is exactly the style you love…and at least over time our uniqueness will always shine 🙂

  2. joe on December 9, 2018 at 07:22

    Thank you John you’ve put it better than i ever could.

    • Isabel on December 10, 2018 at 09:36


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