The book that will not be published…

The last two months have been full of decisions for me – some easy, others hard and took a while but the decluttering of my life was not done after the house was ‚clean‘… This was one of the harder decisions but I feel that it was the right one after all. This is a book that belongs to my past. Maybe one day I will publish it as part of a retrospective – who knows… 😉

So I am going to say farewell to a book that I will not publish although all the pictures were edited and sequenced, the poem was written and the first prints and bindings were done.

When the Morning awakens…

She watched the morning awaken,
the nothingness receding.

She knew it would return –

but I will not be here anymore, she thought,
and soared into the sky…


More about what is currently going on in my life will follow over the next few weeks as one of the decisions was to resume writing this blog and to give it more attention 🙂


  1. Stephen Charlton January 11, 2018  at  09:38 Reply

    Hello Isabel
    Thank you sharing your decision. I hope that these wonderful images will be published sometime in the future. In the mean time I wish you a productive and fulfilling new year.

    • Isabel January 11, 2018  at  10:15 Reply

      Thank you, Stephen - and the same to you :-) My next book project is already in preparation so productivity is increasing again :-D

  2. Louis A. Sousa January 11, 2018  at  13:19 Reply

    Hi Isabel. So glad to receive an update from you. I especially like the very last image.....Happy New Year!

    • Isabel January 11, 2018  at  21:53 Reply

      Thank you so much, Louis - so glad that you are still around :-) I hope you had a wonderful start into 2018!

  3. John January 11, 2018  at  18:44 Reply

    Fantastic to see a new post from you :-)
    I am really looking forward to following your blog Isabel.

    • Isabel January 11, 2018  at  21:54 Reply

      Thank you very much, John :-) I am also really looking forward to writing more :-D

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