Metamorphosis – Finding myself…beyond tears

The doors were locked.
The curtains were closed.
She stood in darkness 
– alone.

This was her escape,
there was no escape…
she was trapped
in her escape.

She sat down in front of the
bedroom mirror –
what does a mirror show
in the dark…

She heard it crying
and pressed her face
against its wet surface.
When a mirror cries…
whose tears are those?

You hide
from the world
in your
soft cocoon.

You don’t dare
to fly.

The time has come
to open your wings
reach the sky…

I slowly awake…
my eyes try to adjust
to the sudden brightness.

I look into the mirror and try a smile
but the reflection still only shows
Can darkness smile?
My eyes fill with tears…

Suddenly I hear my voice…calling me.
My hand touches the mirror,
it feels so warm.
Something is…I am…different…

My fingers withdraw and
smash the mirror.
I reach inside the darkness,
the memories, the tears….
and the doors open.