Open your eyes and then open your eyes again…

I am the last person who does not like going on adventures and exploring new places. I love travelling especially by car so that I can stop wherever I want to and then do what I love best…walking…and more walking…truly exploring a place and its secrets. I find that every place holds secrets that are not necessarily obvious when you just look, instead you really have to see or like one of my favourite authors Sir Terry Pratchett puts it “Open your eyes and then open your eyes again…”.

BUT… I find that especially in very scenic or exotic places it is very tempting for photographers, including myself, to only open our eyes once and while that often gives beautiful pictures they equally often have little soul and while you admire them you also forget about them easily.

Why am I writing this? The other day we had visitors and they looked admiringly at the two big photos from Iceland I made a few years back and which we have hanging on our walls and one I already took down. While they are a beautiful memory for us I would not really consider them my best work even though others might disagree. We were only on Iceland for 3 days so really wanted to visit as many places as possible which did not leave a lot of time for my type of exploration. It was also during the winter so longer walks would have required much different gear. So most of my pictures were made of famous locations like these from the Strokkur-Geysir

or the Seljalandsfoss (incidentally all these are from my first roll of film after many years of digital – Velvia :-)).

But funny enough, the photo I love best from the whole trip is this one which shows no specific and famous location but just an icy road and a stormy sky. This was the one where we just stopped on the road with nobody else for miles, a snow storm had passed a few minutes ago and I stood on the road, I opened my eyes and then I opened them again and let my soul wander…

You would not even necessarily know that this picture was made in Iceland and it would not have to because it shows something else…it shows a part of my inner world which is in a way “location-less”.  It was a place that resonated with me on a deeper level, I could truly feel it and not only see it. It was also the picture our guest and I talked most about…






  1. John on July 23, 2017 at 15:13

    I really love how you express through your words your thoughts and feelings about your art … and how your photography then shows us…lets us experience…see and feel your inner world…really beautiful!

    • Isabel on July 23, 2017 at 17:30

      Thank you very much, John. It is a wonderful compliment for me that you feel this. 🙂

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