Updated on 18.10.2018!

The intention of this sale is to sell all my private books, cameras, accessories, darkroom equipment and film I don’t absolutely need to finance the creation of my next books and collodion work.

I hope you will find something you like.

Shipping prices are without insurance unless otherwise stated and the risk of loss or damage is with you. Please contact me if you would like to pay for insured shipping.
Please also check if you would need to pay any additional import taxes/duties as they are not included in the price and you might be charged directly.
I cannot accept returns or give any warranty – this is a private sale, sorry. Payment via paypal.

A contact form can be found at the very bottom of this page.

I am also selling my large format printer, the 44″ Epson SC-P9000, a n NEC Spectraview monitor and some other accessories for digital printing so please contact me if you are interested in any of those.


01) TMAX 400, 50 sheets, 4×5 inch, Expiry: 04/2019, stored in the fridge
100 EUR incl. shipping

02a) Harman Direct Positive Paper (Ilford), Fibre-based glossy, 4×5 inch nominal, 25 sheets/box
25 EUR incl. shipping per box  (4 boxes available)

02b) Harman Direct Positive Paper (Ilford), Fibre-based glossy, 8×10 inch nominal, 25 sheets/box
65 EUR incl. shipping per box (3 boxes available)

03) Box (5 rolls) of Velvia 50, exp. 05/2015 (120 film)
40 EUR per box incl. shipping (1 available)

04) Box (5 rolls) of Kodak Ektachrome E100VS, exp. 02/2014 (120 film)
90 EUR per box incl. shipping (4 available)

05) Box of 10 sheets 4×5 inch of Ektachrome E100VS, exp. 08/2005
90 EUR per box incl. shipping (2 available)

06) Box of 20 sheets 4×5 inch of Fuji Velvia 100, exp. 07/2018
85 EUR per box incl. shipping (1 available)

07) Box of 20 sheets 4×5 inch of Fuji Provia 100F, exp. 01/2019
80 EUR per box incl. shipping (1 available)

08) Fuji Instax square 10 sheets per box, exp. 04/2019
40 EUR for 5 boxes (50 sheets) (1x available) incl. shipping



42) Hasselblad 2000 FC with 80mm F lens and pinhole cap
details and image will follow

43) Sony RX1Rii
details and image will follow

9) Hasselblad Flexbody in great condition with stray light protection mask, stray light protection screen, focussing screen and focussing screen adapter, 10 and 20 degree correction screens and front protective cover
1000 EUR incl. insured shipping

11) ONDU pinhole camera ‘6×12 multiformat’ – 6×6, 6×9, 6×12
200 EUR incl. shipping

12) Harman Titan/Ilford Pinhole Photography Kit 4×5 format incl. 72mm and 110mm cones as well as film holder.
I am also adding a box of Imago Positive Paper (25 sheets unopened) so that you can get started immediately 🙂
250 EUR incl. shipping

Lenses and shutter

14) Super rare Kodak 405mm (16 inch) Portrait Lens, soft focus, with smooth iris blade from f4.5 to f22, easily covers 8×10 and more
It weighs about 2,5 kg and is currently mounted on a Sinar style lens board. The glass is beautifully clean, no separation or fungus
1600 EUR incl. insured shipping

I am also selling a Packard shutter that can be used with the lens.

15) Wollensak-Rochester Verito 8 3/4 inch Diffused Focus f4, No 10005 incl. original mounting flange
A lovely soft focus lens in good condition for its age, glass is clean (only a little dust) and most of all no fungus
200 EUR incl. shipping

16) C.E.Clifford, 30 Picadilly, London, Brass Petzval Lens, about 200mm F3.2
Rack-Pinion is only working very stiffly and not precisely anymore and there is a dent on the metal in the back, which is not affecting the glass (see photo)
Glass is in beautiful condition, just a bit dusty
200 EUR incl. shipping

17) Hermagis Paris Eidoscope f 4.5 N°4 lens, No 243671 incl. original mounting flange
Beautiful and esp. in this small size (for 4×5) very rare soft focus lens with a lovely rendering, in excellent condition for its age, clear glass (only a little dust), no fungus
975 EUR incl. insured shipping

18) New and unused Packard shutter #6 for time and instantaneous exposure (around 1/25 to 1/50), 5 inch opening with bulb.
330 EUR DKK incl. shipping
Should work perfectly with the Kodak Portrait lens (14)



19) Bill Brandt – Shadow and Light (ISBN 9780500544242)
35 EUR incl. shipping

20) Impressionist Camera – Pictorial Photography in Europe, 1888-1918 (ISBN 1858943310)
50 EUR incl. shipping

21) Hasselblad Compendium by Richard Nordin incl. CD-ROM (ISBN 9780986918803)
50 EUR incl. shipping

22) Rolfe Horn – Shin Jo Sui Landscapes of Japan
60 EUR incl. shipping

23) “Triplekite Package” for 50 EUR incl. shipping consisting of

Hans Strand – Intimate I
Iain Sarjeant – The Pool
Chris Friel – Framed
Valda Bailey – Fragile
Dav Thomas – With Trees


24) Paul Kenny – Seaworks 1998-2013 (ISBN 9780957634534) – minimal damage on backcover/spine
40 EUR incl. shipping

25) Deborah Parkin – September is the Cruellest Month (hand-crafted artist edition via Galerie Vevais, limited edition 11/100 SIGNED!)
150 EUR incl. shipping

26) Chris Tancock – Wild Wood
50 EUR incl. shipping


Accessories, bags and miscellaneous

44) Gitzo Tripod and Arca Swiss monoball P0 hybrid with FlipLock
details and image will follow

28) Barber Shop Medium Messenger Bag “Bob Cut”, perfect for 35MM or MF (I had my Hasselblad in there with lots of room)
150 EUR incl. shipping

29) Barber Shop, large photo bag , blue canvas and brown leather, lots of flexible inserts, very good condition
200 EUR incl. shipping

30) Cullmann Tripod bag
20 EUR incl. international shipping

31) Set of 4 different original Arcs Swiss Quick Release Plates
70 EUR incl. shipping

32) Filterset 77cm incl. protective caps for easy and safe transport, including
Heliopan Filter TYP 1065 77 mm dark yellow (15) SH-PMC coated
Heliopan Filter Typ 2090 – 77 mm – ND 0,9 (8x)
Heliopan ND Filter 2018 –  77 mm – ND 1,8 (64x)
Heliopan Filter TYP 1075 77 mm red (25) SH-PMC coated
B+W graduated ND filter F-Pro 701, 50% MRC
100 EUR incl. shipping

33) Adapter for the use of digital Hasselblad backs (e.g. CFV-50) on the Arch Swiss 4×5 F-Line classic or metric cameras
250 EUR incl. shipping

34) Wide angle bag bellows for Arca Swiss 4×5 F-Line classic or metric cameras
250 EUR incl. shipping

35) Standard bellows for Arca Swiss 4×5 F-Line classic or metric cameras
150 EUR incl. shipping

36) Manfrotto 359-1 long lens support
See also here:
50 EUR incl. shipping

40) 2x Photographer’s Formulary Pyrocat- HD (premixed, 2 stock solutions for 10l working solution)
30 EUR incl. international shipping

41) 2x Photographer’s Formulary Pyrocat- HD (dry kit to make 2 stock solutions for 10l working solution)
30 EUR incl. international shipping


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