Welcome to my realm, the place that lies BEYOND…

I am a creative, a dreamer, an explorer – a teller of stories.

I see magic and mysteries everywhere. I look beyond the obvious. I cherish the ephemeral and imperfect beauty of nature and life. I try to comprehend the darkness and the light inside of me.

I feel at home when I am close to nature – in solitude or together with my ‘pack’ (husband and dogs). I enjoy a simple, minimal and conscious way of living and creating.

I find inspiration in myself as well as in literature, music, painting, travelling, psychology and philosophy. I am fascinated by Japanese philosophical and aesthetic ideas like Wabi, Sabi, Mono no aware and Yugen.

I follow my intuition and let ideas, images and words find me. I experiment with different technologies, tools, techniques and processes to convey what I feel and see.

The important aspect in my work is not the how or what but the why… BEYOND.


Exhibitions & Publications

Feature in dodho magazine, June 2018

Guest speaker at the Connected 2018 exhibition in the UK, April 2018

Featured Photographer in OnLandscape Magazine, Issue 155, March 2018 (see also here)

Guest in Sunny 16 podcast, Episode 75, November 2017

Feature in BLUR magazine (e-zine), August 2017

Interview for Emulsive.org, August 2017

Interview for SheShootsFilm, July 2017

Podcast with Jon Wilkening, June 2017

Feature in Edge of Humanity, May 2017

Exhibition and talk at Præsthøjgården in Horsens (Denmark), February to April 2017

An article I wrote for Emulsive.org, April 2017