Vision, Inspiration & Creative Process


Welcome to my realm, the place that lies just BEYOND…

I am an artist, a dreamer, a wanderer and explorer.

I look at the world like a child that finds beauty in unexpected places and sees magic everywhere, but I feel things with all the experience and the emotions of a grown-up. I try to look beyond the obvious and transfer what I find into my art – photography, painting, poetry, books or a mix of them. I love to explore, learn and experiment.

I want to

• combine the outside-in view of my inner joyful child which is constantly in awe of and curious about the world and its beauty and mysteries with the inside-out view of the grown up I have become and the experiences and feelings of darkness and the need for solitude

• give my inner child the possibility to create a dream-realm, a place of refuge just BEYOND reality, space and time but still from this world, for the grown-up to escape to, to feel safe in and to cope with feelings and anxieties.

• share glimpses of the beauty I see and feel in my own happiness but also in my own fear and darkness, having accepted both as integral parts of my life and artistic vision.

• embrace the beauty of imperfection and transience (evanescence) in my work. The world around us is not perfect and neither are we – light, nature, our lives are all ephemeral and so are my dreams and so is my art.


My main inspiration comes from deep within myself, from that symbiosis of child and adult vision which I then combine with ideas inspired by my

• Love for storytelling, for poetry and literature, especially fantasy books

• Enjoyment of paintings, esp. Japanese and Chinese ink paintings, romantic paintings, abstract (monochromatic) watercolour landscapes and surreal images

• Learnings about Japanese and Chinese philosophical and aesthetic ideas, most of all

Wabi (austere beauty of solitude, emptiness and simplicity),

Sabi (rustic beauty of imperfection, of the marks that time, weather and use leave behind),

Mono no aware (melancholic awareness and acceptance of the impermanence of life) and

Yugen (profound sense of the beauty of the universe and the not obvious mystery behind the world)

• Many other sources like my loved-ones, nature, other photographers work (for example Harry Callahan, Ernst Haas and Josef Sudek), etc.

Creative Process

I experiment with various techniques and ideas to convey what I feel and see. I let images find me and follow my intuition. 

I often work in “stories”, short episodes in my story-book. These stories are usually finished in one or two days with one roll of film as they very much reflect my dreams and feelings during that time – they are like the stories we create as kids, where the next day there is another story.

Nowadays I work mainly with film, using Large and Medium Format cameras and lenses, some of them vintage, developing the negatives in my own darkroom, scanning them, processing (dodging, burning & toning) them in Photoshop and printing them either on an Epson large format printer or in my darkroom. This way I have all the creative options I need and am in full control of the process from my vision to the final print and/or book.