A lot of things are happening…

and one of them is that I am going to merge my websites and into one site which means will no longer be available. This will happen over the next few days so both sites will be down.
There will also be more regular blogposts, new images for my portfolio, more selections with regards to prints (from postcards to portfolio-boxes) and I will finally start my personalized 1:1 mentoring program. So I hope you will join me on this new adventure.
More info to come soon!

To all my lovely subscribers, you might have to sign up for the newsletter again which you would have to do anyway to comply with the new EU rules. I guess by now we all have received lots of emails with regards to this topic 😉

More info will be coming soon…so please stay with me 😀


  1. Luca June 5, 2018  at  22:03 Reply

    Hi Isabel
    We in Italy Say “in the Mouth of the wolf” when we wish good luck to
    I like very much your work, so I’ll stay tuned waiting new reflections of your soul.
    See you soon

    • Isabel June 6, 2018  at  05:20 Reply

      Dear Luca,
      thank you very much and I am so glad that you are staying :-).
      There will be more personal reflections and defintely also more work coming soon.
      With a warm hug from Denmark,

  2. William Bennett June 7, 2018  at  11:13 Reply

    Hi Isabel, you may have been a bit quiet but so have I, I love film as much as ever but for some reason have not shot much over the past several weeks.
    Driving me mad but a lot of stuff in life has least I see you are doing positive things so well done and I hope I can do the same.
    I will sign up again to comply with "rules" :-)
    BR Bill

    • Isabel June 7, 2018  at  15:16 Reply

      Hi Bill,
      so nice to hear from you. Yes, I noticed that you had also gone quiet.
      I haven’t shot any film for a few months now - you can read about the ‘why’ in my latest blog ;-) - but the holders and backs are loaded again and I have some plans to get out as soon as the weather gets worse again :-D but summer has always been the time for me where I shoot least, just prefer autumn and winter.
      I am sure things will also start to looking better for you soon. Any trips to the Peak District?
      Good to stay in contact,

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